Ultrasonic Welding Machine Three Major Effects Of What Is A Big Effect?

- Jul 11, 2017 -

  Ultrasonic welding machine three major effects of what is a big effect?

  Ultrasound is now more and more widely used, the current application and the most extensive industry is ultrasonic welding, ultrasonic plastic welding machine, ultrasonic welding machine. So what is the effect of three major effects of ultrasonic welding machine?

  The first effect - chemical effect. The role of ultrasound can cause the occurrence or acceleration of certain chemical reactions. welding machine Like pure distilled water produced by ultrasonic treatment of hydrogen peroxide; dissolved in nitrogen water after ultrasonic treatment of nitrite; dye aqueous solution after ultrasonic treatment will discolor or fade. The occurrence of these phenomena is always accompanied by cavitation. Ultrasound can also accelerate the hydrolysis, decomposition and polymerization of many chemicals. Ultrasound also has a significant effect on photochemical and electrochemical processes. A variety of amino acids and other organic substances in the aqueous solution after ultrasonic treatment, the characteristic absorption spectrum band disappeared and showed a uniform general absorption, indicating that the cavitation effect of the molecular structure has changed.

  Second effect - cavitation effect. Ultrasonic waves can produce large amounts of small bubbles when acting on liquids. welding machine One reason is that the local tensile stress and the formation of negative pressure, the pressure reduction of the original dissolved in the liquid gas supersaturation, and from the liquid escape, become a small bubble. Another reason is the strong tensile stress to "tear" the liquid into a void, called cavitation. Voids are liquid vapor or another gas dissolved in the liquid, and may even be vacuum. Due to the formation of small cavitation cavitation with the surrounding medium vibration and continuous movement, grow up or suddenly burst. Burst around the liquid suddenly burst into the air and produce high temperature, high pressure, while generating shock waves. The internal friction associated with the cavitation can form a charge and produce a luminescence phenomenon in the bubble due to discharge. Most of the techniques for sonication in liquids are associated with cavitation.

  Third effect - thermal effect. As the ultrasonic frequency is high, energy is large, when the medium can absorb a significant thermal effect.

  What is the greatest effect? Immediately announced for you. That is the mechanical effect. Ultrasonic mechanical action can lead to liquid emulsification, gel liquefaction and solid dispersion. welding machine When the standing wave is formed in the ultrasonic fluid medium, the fine particles suspended in the fluid are agglomerated at the nodules due to the mechanical force, and the periodic accumulation is formed in the space. Ultrasonic waves in the piezoelectric material and the magnetostrictive material in the transmission, due to the mechanical effects of ultrasonic induced induced polarization and induced magnetization.

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