Ultrasonic Welding Machine Output Energy Is Insufficient How To Deal With?

- Jul 11, 2017 -

  Ultrasonic welding machine output energy is insufficient how to deal with?

  Customers in the purchase of ultrasonic welding machine, usually more difficult to predict the future development of product specifications, welding machine so will encounter a larger product object beyond the ultrasonic welding situation. At this point in the budget does not increase the cost, only to the existing equipment to operate. In the general view of the ultrasonic welding machine operation, the product and the mold surface as long as the contact can be accurate to get the welding effect, in fact, this is only the surface of the view, since the ultrasonic welding machine is friction vibration, it will produce acoustic wave phenomenon.

  If we only observe the degree of stability of the hardware (mold fixture), while ignoring the integration of the type of ultrasound operations, welding machine will produce the consequences of the capital or misjudgment, so you must first emphasize the operation of the ultrasonic welding Is the transmission of sound waves, so that vibration into the heat and welding. At this time the degree of stability of the ultrasonic mold governance, product cross-section of the level, flesh, depth, material organization, must not be 100% bear the same pressure.

  On the other hand, the output energy of the upper mold (H o r n) has its error value at each point, and the energy emitted by the whole surface is the same. As a whole, it is bound to produce the difference in the degree of weldability of the product. welding machine So it must be amended, how to amend, that is, by the ultrasonic welding machine itself, the level of screws, or paste the thin tape or foil to overcome.

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