Ultrasonic Welding Machine In The Welding Process Should Pay Attention To What?

- Jul 11, 2017 -

  Ultrasonic welding machine in the welding process should pay attention to what?

  With the development of science and technology, the previous ultrasonic welding machine has been unable to meet people's needs. Before the welding machine itself is very high weight is not easy to carry, the welding effect is not good, there is always a welding point fracture, or welding rough and other issues. See the drawbacks of the previous welding machine, continuous research and development and experiment, so ultrasonic welding was born. Ultrasonic welding name of the ultrasonic spot welding machine, hand-held ultrasonic spot welding machine, ultrasonic spot welding equipment. This machine is a small ultrasonic welding equipment, the machine flexible operation, easy to carry, welding beautiful and solid, widely used in a wide range of products, environmental clean, high production efficiency.

  Then the ultrasonic welding machine in the use of the process should pay attention to what? Xiao Bian for you to sum up the seven points, I hope to help you. Ultrasonic handle is one of the main components of ultrasonic spot welding machine, in order to extend the life of the ultrasonic handle, Xiao Bian recommended before use to read the instructions carefully, to avoid improper use caused by unnecessary losses.

  1, ultrasonic handle in the normal use of life over a year or more.

  2, if the use of the process of contact with bad circumstances, immediately stop, to avoid damage to the piezoelectric ceramic.

  3, ultrasonic spot welding machine for the intermittent work, taboo long press switch or short-circuit switch so that the ultrasonic transducer intermittent work, resulting in the transducer temperature rise, the use of temperature over 60 degrees immediately stop using, and so cool down after Use, if necessary, plus air cooling forced cooling.

  4, before use to check whether the ultrasonic welding head loose, rupture, or cause damage to the ultrasonic power supply and ultrasonic transducer.

  5, to avoid the ultrasonic handle ceramic tile wiring at the tide, to the ultrasonic transducer compressed air forced cooling, prohibit the use of non-filtered gas

  6, must use the original ultrasonic welding head, frequency matching is very important, ultrasonic welding head bias will lead to ultrasonic power and transducer damage.

  7, be sure to use a voltage stable power supply, if necessary, in the ultrasonic power supply before the installation of the regulator, unstable power input will lead to damage to the ultrasonic power supply, ultrasonic transducer rupture.

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