Stainless Steel Type Exportable Arc Welding Machine (BX6-200B,BX6-300C,BX6-400)

- Jul 23, 2017 -

Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Model NO.:BX6-200B,BX6-300C,BX6-400

Product Description

Characteristic and use:
Uses the new transformer and the unique structure of box, is advantageous for moving, has the handle and foot wheel, is advantageous for moving. Welding material: Low-carbon steel, high-tensile steel, medium-carbon steel, Low-alloy structural steel

Limited conditions:
To use the machine better, please observe the following condition: A ambient temperature is situated between-10degree centigrade and 40degree centigrade; B operational site altitude above sea level does not surpass 1000M. C In the surrounding air dust, the acid, the caustic gas or the matter and so on do not surpass the normal content, except in the welding process. D Not suitably in the air with salt to use long time. E The voltage undulation supplied by power is in rated value+-10%. F The operational site wind power is lower than for 1.5m/s. G Does not suit to use or work in the rain.

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