Precautions When Cutting Machine Work

- Jun 28, 2017 -

  Precautions when cutting machine work

  (A), cutting machine work must be absorbed, not only to keep the mind sober, but also to rational operation of power tools. cutting machine It is strictly forbidden to wear, drink or take doping, after the drug operation cutting machine.

  (B), the power lines must be safe and reliable, strictly prohibited from scratch, be careful to put the power cord, do not be cut off. Before use, you must carefully check the performance of the equipment to ensure that the parts are in good condition.

  (3), put on the appropriate uniforms, not wear loose overalls, not to wear jewelry or stay long hair, is strictly prohibited wearing gloves and cuffs and not operate.

  (D), the workpiece must be firmly clamped, the workpiece is not tightly clamped to start cutting.

  (5), is strictly prohibited in the grinding wheel plane, grinding the workpiece burr, to prevent the grinding wheel pieces.

  (6), the operator must deviate from the front of the grinding wheel and wear protective glasses.

  (7), is strictly prohibited the use of incomplete grinding wheel, cutting should prevent Mars scattered, and away from flammable and explosive materials.

  (8), clamping the workpiece should be clamped firmly and secure, the protective cover must be installed correctly, after the installation should be open air running check, no jitter and abnormal noise.

  (9), half-way replacement of new cutting pieces or grinding wheel, cutting machine do not lock the nut too hard to prevent the blade or grinding wheel pieces of the accident occurred.

  (10), must be firmly grasp the cutting machine hand evenly under the vertical force, and the fixed end to be solid and reliable.

  (Eleven), shall not attempt to cut the unclamped small workpieces or with serious edges.

  (12), in order to improve work efficiency. cutting machine Before the single or multiple with a saw before cutting, be sure to do a good job of auxiliary clip positioning work.

  (Thirteen), shall not carry out a strong cut saw operation, before cutting to the motor speed to full speed can be.

  (14), do not allow anyone to stand behind the saw, power outage, rest or leave the workplace, should immediately cut off the power.

  (15), the saw blade does not stop from the saw or the workpiece can not release any hand or lift the arm.

  (16), the shield is not in place when not operating, shall not be placed within 15 cm away from the saw blade. Do not probe over or around the saw machine, the operation of the body oblique 45 degrees is appropriate

  (Seventeen), there is an abnormal sound, should immediately stop the inspection; repair or replacement parts must first cut off the power, cutting machine and wait for the blade to stop completely.

  (18), the use of cutting machine, such as in wet places, must be standing on the insulation pad or dry wood on. Climb or in explosion-proof and other dangerous areas must be used to do security measures.

  (Nineteen), equipment jitter and other failures, should immediately stop repair, is strictly prohibited and take doping and drunk work, the operation is strictly prohibited wearing gloves operation. Such as in the course of the operation will cause dust, to wear a mask or mask.

  (20) processing should be turned off the power, and do the equipment and the surrounding venues clean.

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