Plasma Cutting Machine Cutting Faster

- Jun 15, 2017 -

  Plasma cutting machine cutting faster

  The advantages of plasma cutting machine is that the plasma arc energy is more concentrated, the temperature is higher, the cutting speed is faster, the deformation is small, but also the cutting stainless steel, aluminum and other materials.

  Plasma cutting is the lack of strong arc, noise, dust and more pollution to the environment, many of the thickness is used underwater plasma cutting, cutting thickness also has some restrictions. Similarly, the gas flow, arc length, telegraph quality, current size, cutting speed are affecting the quality, not well conceived, not as simple as flame cutting. Plasma cutting gun should not be more, because the cutting speed, vulnerable to the impact of the above factors appear incompatible, so that the quality of cutting is not the same. In general, the thickness of the cut surface of the plasma cutting is better than that of the fire, and the slag is very small.

  In recent years, foreign manufacturers have developed known as fine plasma or called high-precision plasma of the new technology, the domestic manufacturers have introduced. The effect is better. By improving the design of the torque, more significantly improve the quality of the workpiece cutting surface, Shao vertical degree of up to 0-1.5 ° to improve the quality of thick plate cutting is particularly beneficial. As a result of improved cutting guns, the electrode life is several times higher. But the cutting distance from the steel plate is higher, requiring the height of the gun on the sensor response is more sensitive, cutting guns faster response.

  Therefore, the use of plasma cutting 4-30 mm steel plate is an ideal way to avoid the lack of oxygen B cutting speed is slow, deformation, incision is serious, heavy slag and other shortcomings. Get a certain thickness of stainless steel and other materials under the material.

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