MMA400 Welding Machine

- Jul 19, 2017 -

Product Detail

Basic Info

HS Code:85159000

Product Description

Input power Voltage: AC380V
Rated Input power Capacity: 18kVA
No-load Voltage: 67V
No-load Power: 100W
Output Current Range: 20-400A
Rated Output Voltage: 36V
Duty Cycle: 60%
Power factor: 0.93 COS  Φ
Efficiency: 85%
Insulation Class: F
Protection Degree: IP23S
Welding Wire: 1.6-6mm
Dimension: 565x305x495MM
Weight: 34KGS

* Water proof, anti-static, corrosion-resistance.
*Compact in volume, light in weight, higt efferciency, easy to arc initiation, resistance to interference, good current adjustment.
* Good welding apperance, deep welding pool, high intension.
*with over voltage and over current automatic self-protection function.
*Can continuous working, stable ability, with automatic voltage fulsation compensation capability.
*Suit for decoration and hardware field.

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