Laser Cutting Machine Working Principle Of Accurate Analysis

- Oct 13, 2017 -

Laser cutting machine working principle of accurate analysis:

The laser is a kind of light, which, like its natural light, is caused by the transition of atoms (molecules or ion zombies), and is caused by spontaneous radiation. Advertising is a kind of application descriptive text, is the cause of business to consumers or clients to introduce goods, reporting services or entertainment programs, cutting machine a master pass method. For the two seemingly irrelevant things how to pull a piece of it? But science is like this. In fact, laser technology in light, sound, electricity and other aspects have been in-depth application, and laser technology in the advertising industry in the country in recent years is developed in recent years. As the laser processing technology is the product of high-tech fields, and advertising is the market extension of the information products, the organic combination of the two can certainly play the advertising effect.

At present, the laser in the advertising processing mode is reflected in the carving and cutting; the main processing industry refers to the advertising signs in the system at first glance, two-color carving and cutting, plexiglass cutting, cutting machine wood cutting and engraving The The principle of laser engraving cutting Although the laser is light, but it is obviously different from the ordinary light is the laser only in the first very short period of time dependent on spontaneous emission, after the process is entirely determined by the impact of radiation, so the laser has a very pure color, Almost no divergence of the direction, high luminous intensity. The laser also has high coherence, high strength, high direction, laser generated by the laser after the mirror and through the cluster mirror irradiation to the processing items, so that processed items (surface) by the strong thermal energy and the temperature increased dramatically, So that the point due to high temperature and rapid melting or vaporization, cutting machine with the laser head of the trajectory to achieve the purpose of processing. Laser after grinding, waste less, flexible computer layout to reduce the waste space; simple operation, the general production enterprises have their own development of professional software.

Laser engraving cutting machine in the advertising industry application:

Laser processing technology in the advertising industry is mainly divided into: reef engraving, cutting, cutting machine carving cutting three kinds of work, for each kind of work, we have some different aspects of the operation process.

Engraving: mainly on the surface of the object. We first in the PHOTOSHOP where we need to carve the graphics properly processed and converted into BMP format, and then in the special carving cutting software to open the graphics file. According to our processing of the material we have the appropriate parameters can be set, cutting machine and then click to run, the engraving machine will be based on the graphics file generated lattice effect carving. In the advertising industry is mainly applied to wood, two-color plates, plexiglass, color paper and other materials processing.

Cutting: We can be understood as the separation of the edges. For such processing purposes, we should first CORELDRAW, AUTOCAD will be made in the form of graphics lines, and then save the corresponding PLT, DxF format, open the cutting operation software to open the file. According to our processing of materials such as energy and speed and other parameters can be set to run. The cutting machine, after receiving the computer's instructions, cutting machine will automatically cut according to the flight path generated by the software. In the advertising industry is mainly applied to wood, two-color plate, plexiglass, color paper and other materials processing, production of crystal words, three-dimensional trademarks.

Carving cutting: mainly for both the graphics effect and the effect of the model. We are advanced for this type of processing. Engraving the steps of the process, and then in the carving cutting software selected "edge cutting" can achieve the purpose. In the advertising industry is mainly applicable to dry signs, signs, signs, cutting machine such as signs and other signs and crafts.

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