Laser Cutting Machine To Speed Up The Innovation And Development Of Food Machinery Industry

- Aug 07, 2017 -

  Laser cutting machine to speed up the innovation and development of food machinery industry

  China's manufacturing industry is to green low-carbon, intelligent manufacturing, service-oriented manufacturing, innovation-driven transformation, which the food industry's production, marketing, management and consumption of new changes and challenges. Today, the food industry continues to replace the upgrading of food machinery is also imminent.

  Food machinery can not be separated from the sheet metal processing, and laser cutting machine as a sheet metal processing of the mainstream equipment, food machinery upgrades play a role can not be ignored.

  Food machinery to small batch custom-based, for different types of food design of different processing equipment, but before the formation of food machinery, need to go through several proofing test. However, the traditional process of proofing need to open mold, stamping, cutting plate, bending and other links, consume a lot of human and financial resources, resulting in high cost. Therefore, a serious impediment to the pace of innovation and development of food machinery industry.

  Laser cutting machine to high-precision flexible cutting known, able to cut all kinds of stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum and other metal materials. For the manufacture of food machinery and equipment, the advantages of laser cutting machine is mainly reflected in the cutting speed, cutting quality, high precision: slit narrow, smooth cutting surface, does not damage the workpiece; cutting from the workpiece shape, In addition to the processing of metal materials, but also for non-metallic cutting; saving mold investment, saving materials, more cost-effective; simple, safe, stable performance, improve the speed of new product development , With a wide range of adaptability and flexibility.

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