Laser Cutting Machine PK Ordinary Machine

- Jul 24, 2017 -

  Laser cutting machine PK ordinary machine

  Laser cutting machine has been widely applied to all walks of life, for the processing and manufacturing industry to bring a lot of convenience. Then the laser cutting machine and ordinary machine compared to what advantages? Advantages in what place? Then let me for you to briefly introduce.

  Laser cutting machine used in the metal industry can reduce the processing of products, the efficiency of the product to significantly improve the delivery time is also faster, a laser cutting machine can replace the processing center, special fixture, punch, etc., can also Reduce the cost of workers. Reducing the man-made errors caused by the waste, greatly improve the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece.

  The traditional processing technology will need to make mold machine tools, processing processes and more, thus extending the production cycle, high cost of high-cost investment in the mold, the effect may not have laser cutting better. And in the latter part of the amendment above, if the traditional process of processing every time you have to waste a lot of time, and laser cutting is more flexible, according to the requirements of customers continue to modify the product design.

  Laser cutting is easy to produce new product development, production cycle is short, in the absence of mold and other processes after the new sample of the trial will be more convenient, and only need to make a different version of the graphics, cutting machine and then let the laser cutting machine along the processing route Continue to run on it.

  Laser cutting Compared with traditional sheet cutting, laser cutting will produce higher quality incision, cutting speed is greatly improved, cutting machine and can be cut into any shape, and can cut the material is also very wide.

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