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- Nov 03, 2017 -

Welding machine according to the information is divided into: plastic welding machine and metal welding machine two. The techniques used are: ultrasonic, high frequency, plasma, electric, rotary and so on.

Ultrasonic welding machine

Ultrasonic guardrail pipe welding machine used in O, D, U-type guardrail pipe plug seal welding.

Fence pole welding machine

Does not require glue bonding, to the level of watertight and has the shape of elegant, easy to operate, high consumption efficiency, high defect rate characteristics.

Operation: The operator will lamp into the fixture, press the start button, the two pressure cylinder landing so that the workpiece positioned in the ultrasonic cavity, then the ultrasonic head triggered ultrasonic action, the welding head welding workpiece, welding The end cylinder drives the upper mold to reset, the compression cylinder rises, the operator takes out the workpiece to realize an operation.

The basic principles and characteristics: the attack by the ultrasonic generator 15HZ low-voltage, high-frequency electrical signals through the transducer piezoelectric inverse effect into the same frequency mechanical shock, plastic fence tube sealing machine, LED fence tube welding machine, guardrail lights Pipe welding equipment, the middle of the fence tube seam welder and the role of audio longitudinal wave role in plastic products on the workpiece, through the workpiece surface and internal friction between the molecules so that the temperature passed to the interface to reduce, when the temperature reaches the melting point of the workpiece itself, Workpiece interface agile, and then filled in the gap between the interface, when the shock stagnated, the workpiece while cooling under pressure to shape, to achieve a satisfactory welding.

Ultrasonic plastic welding machine

Practical welding of plastic products, according to their output power is divided into 900W plastic welding machine, 2600W plastic welding machine.

3200W plastic welding machine, 4200W plastic welding machine, 5600W plastic welding machine.

Basic characteristics

1.IC precision control circuit, automatic overload protection system;

2. Using digital code precision control switch, 1/100 accurate set;

3. Four-point balance adjustment, easy adjustment of the welding head;

4. The United States original vibrator, power output stronger than peers;

5. No-load, no-load when there is resonance, no need to adjust the frequency of the welding head;

6. Rectangular column / cylinder optional, guide bearings, fine-tuning;

7. Turbine rotation easily adjust the body stroke, to solve the shortcomings of the conventional machine adjustment; aluminum / titanium alloy spoke rod, the sound wave strong and stable;

8. Set up welding workshop, the use of US space 7075, 6064 aluminum alloy, durable;

9 using Italy, Japan, the United States, South Korea, Germany and other factory electronic original, excellent performance and reliable.

10. Using the latest technology computer touch screen (computer fine film, computer circuit boards, computer screen) welding up to 0.1 millisecond error of precision.

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