How To Delay The Life Of Metal Laser Cutting Machine

- Oct 13, 2017 -

How to delay the life of metal laser cutting machine

Any equipment will be used after prolonged aging problems, metal laser cutting machine as a high-tech products is no exception. One fiber laser cutting machine laser is the most easy to aging parts, so in the usual use to be very careful. So how do we slow down the aging of metal laser cutting machines in the usual use of equipment? There are two reasons for the power attenuation of metal laser cutting machines.

Metal laser cutting machine is the need for regular laser generator external optical path maintenance and maintenance. In fact, metal laser cutting machine in the work for some time, the power drop is inevitable. When the power down to the impact of production, it is necessary to laser and external optical path maintenance. When the maintenance is complete, the cutting capacity will be restored to the factory level.

The environment and conditions of the production site have a significant impact on the power of the metal laser cutting machine. Such as the quality of compressed air. Production site dust, smoke and more, some users put the paint on the metal laser cutting machine near, which will affect the metal laser cutting machine cutting quality and cutting capacity.

So when our metal laser cutting machine appeared above these two problems when we should take what way to remedy it?

Once a week with a vacuum cleaner to absorb the metal laser cutting machine dust and dirt, all electrical cabinet should be off dust.

Always check the metal laser cutting machine strip, sure to tighten. Or in the operation of a problem, there may be hurt people, can also lead to serious casualties. Steel looks like a small thing, a problem is still a bit serious.

The rails should always clean up, remove dust and other debris, to ensure the normal operation of metal laser cutting machine, racks should always wipe, add lubricating oil, to ensure lubrication without debris.

The regular maintenance and maintenance of the laser cutting machine can effectively delay the aging of the equipment and prolong the service life, so pay attention to it in daily use.

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