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- Nov 03, 2017 -

Cutting machine from the cutting material to distinguish, divided into metal cutting machine and non-metallic materials cutting machine. Metal cutting machine is divided into flame cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, laser cutting machine, water jet cutting machine, etc .; non-metallic material cutting machine is mainly cutting tool.

Cutting machine from the control to distinguish, divided into CNC cutting machine and manual cutting machine.

CNC cutting machine is the use of digital program-driven machine tool movement, with the machine tool movement, the incidental with the cutting tool to cut the object. This mechatronic cutting machine called CNC cutting machine.

Laser cutting machine for the fastest efficiency, the highest cutting accuracy, cutting thickness is generally small. Plasma cutting machine cutting speed is also very fast, the cutting surface has a certain slope. Flame cutting machine for the thickness of the carbon steel material.

Cutting machine applications are metal and non-metallic industry, in general, non-metallic industry points more detailed, like cutting stone cutting machine, water cutting machine, sawtooth cutting machine, cutting cloth and plastic, chemical fiber products with laser cutting Machine, blade cutting machine, cutting metal material, there are flame cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, flame cutting machine inside and then split the cutting machine, and manual two categories, manual categories are, small sports car, semi-automatic, pure manual , CNC has, gantry CNC cutting machine, cantilever CNC cutting machine, desktop CNC cutting machine, inter-line CNC cutting machine, and so on!

Instructions for use

1, cutting machine installation is complete, turn on the power to check the various parts of the machine rotation is flexible, the fasteners are loose.

2, turn on the power, press the host button, the blade is turned in the same direction with the arrow. If the reverse immediately adjusted. After checking the rock specimen can be installed for cutting, rock sample clamping, you should choose a reliable clamping point to prevent the phenomenon of virtual folder and false folder. Lest in the cutting process due to rock movement and damaged tools and rock samples.

3, holding irregular rock, the available top pressure clamping, clamping method shown in Figure 1. Clamping step: First, the rock sample 8 flat on the workbench, and then the top pressure moving fixture 10 along the T-slot 3, select the distance between the fixture and the rock sample, locking fixture base screw, move the jack up and down Bolt 13, to select a reliable clamping point, and then move the mandrel nut 11 is locked, and then rotate the mandrel until the mandrel top rock die, while tightening the mandrel nut 12 to prevent the mandrel in the cutting process Loose.

4, when cutting the core sample, such as the larger number of rocks, can be attached to the long plate with a few pieces of rock sample pressure, cutting together to improve work efficiency, the clamping method shown in Figure 2, the steps are as follows: 8 flat on the table 6, the platen bolts along the T-slot 3 into the long platen 9 into the square hole on the vertical surface of the table, turn the adjusting screw 7 and the platen nut 10 bolts, you can Rock sample compression, such as the core sample size slightly wrong size, you can add a thin piece of wood in the rock sample, the pressure plate can be pressed to the rock sample. This method is also used when holding cut-and-formed cuboids and cube-shaped rock samples.

5, work, first start the main motor, and then press the button to start cutting, due to the irregular shape of the rock mostly, then the feed rate is slow, until the blade edge all into the rock sample, only slightly faster .

6, the cutting machine automatically advance and retreat knife, when the cutter moves to the terminal along the table, it can automatically back to the beginning, and automatically stop moving. If you need to retreat during the work process, press the console rewind button, you can. Rewind in the need to move forward, press the Progressive button can also feed. Regardless of feed or retract, press the stop button cutter to stop moving. When working, if you find that the cutter is far away from the rock sample, you can press the fast forward button (hold it down) or jog forward, and release the button when the blade approaches the rock sample. Then press the button, for normal cutting. This can shorten the feed auxiliary time. The machine feed drive shown in Figure III.

7, when cutting the specimen, before the work can be carried out according to the hardness of the rock to adjust the feed rate, the cutting feed speed may occur during the cutting marks, according to the experience of cutting hard stones, the speed is generally 40 mm / Points left and right.

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