French Fry Stand Divided Into Metal Cutting Machine And Non-metallic Materials Cutting Machine Two Categories

- Sep 29, 2017 -

According to the different cutting materials, the cutting machine can be divided into metal cutting machine and non-metallic materials cutting machine two categories. On the metal cutting machine, the common can be divided into the main flame cutting machine, water knife cutting machine, laser cutting machine, blade cutting machine, wire cutting and so on; and for non-metallic materials cutting machine, now applied More extensive rubber cutting machine, grinding wheel cutting machine and so on. As a result of the upgrading of the traditional cutting machine, CNC cutting machine is very good use of the computer accurate and efficient advantages, greatly improving the precision and efficiency of processing technology.

CNC flame cutting machine, is the combustion of fuel with the combustion heat generated, the material is processed at high temperatures quickly melted, and finally directly from the whole to achieve the purpose of processing. In this way the processing has the following advantages: the thickness of the material can be cut processing, equipment operation is difficult, effective cost reduction; but the shortcomings are also very prominent, it is difficult for many non-ferrous metals processing, can not cut a lot The higher the melting point of the metal material; at the same time because we spray the scope of the flame can not be very precise control, so the processing out of the flat roughness is relatively large, later to further grinding. So this cutting machine is generally used in the field of rough processing more.

CNC waterjet cutting machine, different from the flame cutting machine, its principle is to use high-pressure injection of high-speed small water column impact material surface and cause corrosion. In general, CNC machining is more accurate than flame cutting machines, but the drawback is that the cutting speed is very slow, and it can not be used to cut thicker materials; therefore, in the stone, glass, sheet and other materials cutting Will use this technology.

Wire cutting, the basic principle is through the spark discharge, resulting in the ambient temperature instantly reach a high value, making a small part of the metal melting at high temperatures and corrosion; according to the speed of different speed, wire cutting is generally divided into slow Walking wire, walking wire, fast wire; wire speed slower, the higher the accuracy of processing, on the contrary the same reason. The advantage of wire cutting is that it has a high machining accuracy and can therefore be used for many fine pattern machining. The disadvantage is that the machining speed is unpleasant and can only be used for the machining of metal plates.

Laser cutting machine, the use of high-frequency laser beam cutting processing equipment, the injection of the laser beam has a high energy, hit the surface of the material after the moment in the formation of very high temperature on the surface, making the surface of the material quickly high temperature melting corrosion, to The purpose of cutting. The advantages of laser cutting are many, it can complete the cutting of very small materials, and it also has the processing speed, cutting surface smooth and smooth characteristics, and because the process of using only the power, so it also has environmental protection, energy saving advantages The But compared with the above several cutting methods, its cost is the highest, which is its biggest drawback.

The above is the most common of our cutting methods, and their respective advantages and disadvantages of a simple analysis, from the control of costs and reduce energy consumption point of view, we can according to different materials and process requirements to choose a different processing methods.

For non-metallic materials, due to the increasing number of cutting materials, coupled with the continuous improvement of the cutting process, multi-function cutting machine naturally also come out. Depending on the cutting requirements, select the appropriate tool, you can cut the material at any angle; the same time, with a variety of auxiliary tools, such as automatic tool change equipment, automatic feeding equipment, cooling equipment.

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