Car Battery ChargerCorrect Charging Method

- Aug 24, 2017 -

The proportion of electrolyte decreased to 1.2 or less; winter discharge more than 25%; summer discharge more than 50%; lights dim; start power should be charged. Some owners believe that fast charging can save time, only 3-5 hours. In fact, the fast charge is simply to activate the battery surface, but in fact the battery is not fully charged inside the.

In addition to fast charging, there is a slow charge, charging time of 10-15 hours, those deep loss of the battery must be slow charging, or charging time is not enough, the amount of charge is insufficient, will directly affect the car's driving performance. Although charging is a fairly simple operation, there are some precautions:

1. To charge the lead-acid battery, wear protective clothing.

2. When charging, there is no spark near the battery, no smoking.

3. When charging one or more of the batteries in parallel, the charger voltage should not exceed 16V.

The correct charging method of the battery

Today, more and more electric equipment on the car, the owners in the use of these electric equipment, try not to let the battery overload. Overloading of the battery will reduce the battery life. It is important to have the correct battery charging method.

1. First, the battery is connected to the positive power supply, the battery negative connected to the negative power supply.

2. The initial charge of two stages: first with the initial charge current charged to the electrolyte release bubbles, single cell voltage rose to 2.3 ~ 2.4V so far. And then the current is reduced to 1/2 the initial charge current, continue to charge the electrolyte to release violent bubbles, than the voltage and stability of 3h stable for the same time. The total charge time is about 45 ~ 65h.

3. The process of charging should always measure the temperature of the electrolyte with half the current to stop charging or cooling method, the temperature control in the 35 ~ 40 ℃, the initial charge is completed, if the specific gravity of the electrolyte is not specified, the application of distilled water or specific gravity of 1.4 Of the electrolyte to adjust. Adjust and then charge 2h, until the proportion of compliance with the provisions of the time.

To avoid the battery charging errors

1. No initial charge

The first charge of the battery is called the initial charge, the initial charge of the battery life and charge capacity has a great impact. If the charge is insufficient, the battery charge capacity is not high, the service life is short; if the charge is excessive, the battery electrical performance is good, but it will shorten its life, so the new battery to be careful to initial charge. For dry charge lead-acid batteries, according to the instructions, although the provisions of the two-year storage period to be used, as long as the addition of the specified density of the electrolyte shelved 15min, no charge can be put into use. However, if the storage period of more than two years, due to the partial oxidation of the plate, in order to improve its charge capacity, should be used before the supplementary charge, charge 5h-8h and then use.

2. Do not recharge

Some drivers often overlook the replenishment of the battery in the car. As the battery is not fully charged in the car, easy to cause plate vulcanization; the same time, in the use of charge, discharge power is unbalanced, if the discharge is greater than the charge leaving the battery in a long time in a state of loss, the battery plate will slowly vulcanization. This chronic vulcanization, will make the battery charge capacity is reduced, until the start weakness, greatly shorten the battery life. In order to make the active material on the battery plate in a timely manner to restore, reduce plate vulcanization, improve the battery charge capacity, extend its service life, in the car battery should be regularly supplemented.

3. Battery overcharge

The battery is often overcharged, even if the charging current is not large, but the electrolyte for a long time "boiling", in addition to the surface of the active material is easy to fall off the fine particles, but also excessive oxidation of the grid, resulting in active material and the grid loose release.

4. Charging polarity reversed

As the battery positive and negative plate material is different, in addition to active substances, the negative plate also added barium sulfate, humic acid, carbon black and rosin and other materials, used to prevent the negative plate shrinkage and oxidation. In addition, the number of negative plates per monolithic battery is always one more than the number of positive plates, and the negative plate is slightly thinner than the positive plate. When the initial charge of the battery or recharge, if not pay attention to the polarity, will make the battery charge-up, so that the positive and negative are almost all become coarse grains PbSO4, resulting in battery charge capacity is insufficient, can not work, and even lead to battery scrapped. Therefore, the charge must pay attention to the polarity, must not be polar charge.

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