Automatic Welding Machine In The Automation Industry Come To The Fore

- May 31, 2017 -

  Automatic welding machine in the automation industry come to the fore, engaged in welding work units or individuals, are hoping to extend the life of the machine.

  However, to achieve this goal, in addition to the correct use of methods to operate the welding machine, but also need to do regular maintenance and repair.

  For the daily maintenance of automatic welding machine, need to pay attention to the following:

  1. To always check the machine, it is best to regularly: in the power when the machine operation, to check whether the vibration is abnormal, but also the sound of the occurrence, there will be gas leakage and the joints are insulated or shedding Phenomenon, the location of the wire contact is not unusual.

  2. Because the welding machine is forced to cool, it will easily absorb the surrounding dust, so the regular internal welding machine dust treatment. Especially for the parts of the machine gap processing.

  3. For the connection of the wire, to check regularly. For the welding machine inside and outside the wiring, to regularly check, inside and outside the wire, the screw is abnormal, to be timely to deal with, rust when the rust should be disposed of.

  4. Automatic welding machine is a long time, the shape will be the reason for the collision easily deformed, rust and other damage, and the internal machine will be damaged. Therefore, it is necessary to deal with it in the machine inspection, to avoid inconvenience caused by downtime.

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