Application Advantages Of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine In Kitchenware Industry

- Jul 24, 2017 -

  Application Advantages of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine in Kitchenware Industry

  Kitchen industry as the daily life of people closely related to the industry, in recent years continue to update and rise. In the kitchen processing industry, range hoods, gas appliances, stove panels, large commercial kitchen utensils and other products extensive use of sheet metal panels. The use of traditional process production requires a lot of mold, design and manufacturing cycle to spend a long time, low efficiency, high cost, fiber laser cutting machine can reduce costs and provide work efficiency to meet the needs of the kitchen industry.

  Social and economic development and progress, people's daily necessities and utensils increasingly demanding. Both the requirements of the appearance of chic, but also requires functional and durable. The traditional processing methods such as cold punching, cold cutting, cutting plate, punching and other ways of environmental pollution, product burr, follow-up processing fees are still unable to meet the needs of our customers and the market. The fiber laser cutting machine in the kitchen industry is the advantage of the show:

  1, fiber laser cutting machine with a good beam quality, Cutting Machin high precision, small slot, the province of materials, cutting surface smooth and safe operation and a series of features, can quickly and satisfactorily complete a single piece of arbitrary material sheet metal cutting , Reducing the number of skilled workers, eliminating the rising cost of labor costs, work efficiency is also greatly improved, and can save tens of thousands of dollars per month outsourcing fees to help the kitchen industry fiber laser cutting machine users to quickly recover the cost.

  2, the use of fiber laser cutting machine can not only solve the problem has been plagued by the kitchen manufacturers of these problems, and can quickly and easily achieve the processing of the panel samples, reducing the cost of new product development and shorten the development cycle of new products The

  3, laser processing equipment cutting material when the fineness is extremely high, to enhance the range hood and gas appliance yield, Cutting Machin reducing the loss of materials. For some special-shaped molding products, fiber laser cutting machine is a unique advantage.

  4, in today's scientific and technological innovation, industrial restructuring, market competition unprecedented intense background environment, in the kitchen processing enterprises, who can take the lead in finding a breakthrough, to achieve the production process, including equipment updates, Cutting Machin no doubt has a very important and realistic long-term significance.

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