400 AMPS Pulse MIG Welding Machine

- Jul 27, 2017 -

Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Model NO.:DP-400F

  • Trademark:JARILA

  • Transport Package:Carton Box Plywood Pallet

  • Specification:Volume: 0.5CBM

  • Origin:Taizhou Zhejaing ,China

  • HS Code:85153900

Product Description

Features:Advanced all digital soft-switching inverter technology, steady output, strong network voltage fluctuation resistant ability. Synergic operation--Simply select material and sheet thickness and the stored know-how controls the welding process automatically.It could pre-set the current, wire feed rate, thickness, wire diameter and voltage and inductance, the LED displays the welding current and voltage. The parameters could be set, such as inching wire feed speed, soft start speed, gas pre-flow and gas post-flow, burn time, start current and end current and etc.Embedded expert knowledge to control the entire welding process.Full digital waveform control, steady performance, good consistency, it does not affect by temperature, humidity, and the component deterioration.Easiest possible selection of preset JOBs(welding task) for the different materials,wire diameters,thickness and gas type.100% duty cycle and built-in feedback system in wire feeder.It supports adjustment of the common 13 kinds of metal.The available welding materials are carbon steel, aluminum, aluminum-magnesium alloy, aluminum-silicon alloy, stainless steel 307 & 308, albronze, copper-silicon alloy, stainless steel flux, rutile flux-cored wire, basic flux-cored wire, metal flux-cored wire.Very high power reserves enable use of long intermediate hose packages:50mm2 up to 15m,70mm2 up to 25m.
Technical Parameter:

Model No.315350400500630
Current Range10-315A10-350A10-400A10-500A10-630A
Rated input current18.5A21A26A36A50A
Rated output voltage315A/32.6V350A/34V400A/36V500A/40V630A/44V
Duty cycle100%60%
Output No-load voltage70-90V
Welding Thickness1mm~25mm
Power factor COS≥0.85
Protection classIP23S
Pre-gas time(Preg)0~15.0s
Post-gas time(Posg)0-15.0s
Soft start speed(Stfd)Auto,0.5~22m/min
Inching speed(Infd)0.5~22m/min
Wire Feed Speed1m/min~22m/min
Open circuit voltage65V-80V
Arc length-50%~50%
Arc Force-50~50
AL2 end voltage-50~50
Material type13 kinds
Wire Diameter0.8,1.0,1.2,1.6
Operation mode2T,4T,S2T,S4T,Spot,JOB
Start current(HotI)0%~200%
End Current (EndI)0%~200%
Start time (Hott,s)0.1s~15s
End Current Time (Endt)0.1s~15s
Burning time (Burn)0%-20%
Spot time (Sptt)0.01s~2s
Single Pulse Frequency10Hz-280Hz
Double pulse frequency(Freq)0.5Hz~5Hz
The second Arc length(AL2)-50%~50%
Double pulse range(Fd2)0~2m/min
Slop time(Slop)0.1-15s

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