Your lithium battery fast charger know-how, worthy of collection!

- Jan 23, 2017 -

【Do not use the computer battery charger】 If you are anxious to go out the phone and power shortage, then do not use the laptop's USB port to charge you, because this way the current is low, charging speed charging head charge is much slower.

[Change battery charger] Another battery charger is the best choice to reduce the charging time However, this step should be done when choosing to pay attention, after all, the proliferation of counterfeit charger, once the wrong choice, you may be like a cell phone time bomb.

In the summer, when the use of time is too long, your phone will begin to heat the impact of lithium-ion battery cooling, thus affecting the lithium battery life.

Although this is not related to the battery charge, but also by increasing battery life to reduce the frequency of your charge.

 If you are in a hurry to go out and you do not have a mobile power source in your home, turn on the flight mode to charge it. In the phone and the external "lost" state, the charging speed is indeed faster.

【Do not let the interface of the battery charger glue on the debris】 to see if this suddenly realized the feeling »Yes, we may neglect this detail, but it will greatly affect the speed of charging. Therefore! Quickly take a toothpick or paper clip to clean up your charging interface.

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