Wsme 315/500 Pulse TIG AC/DC-MMA Welding Machine

- Jul 09, 2017 -

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: WSME 315, WSME 500

  • Current: AC/DC

  • Function2: AC Pulse TIG

  • Function4: DC Pulse TIG

  • Apply Industry: Aaviation, Space Division, Petrochemical

  • Trademark: JARILA

  • Origin: Foshan Guangdong

  • Type: AC and Constant Current TIG, AC Pulse TIG,

  • Function1: AC and Constant Current TIG

  • Function3: DC and Constant Current TIG

  • Function5: Hand Arc Welding

  • Apply Industry2: Heat Exchanger,Aluminum Furniture, Bike Light

  • Specification: SGS

Product Description

Inverter WSME 315/500 Pulse TIG AC/DC-MMA Welding machine

AC and constant current TIG, AC pulse TIG, DC and constant current TIG, DC pulse TIG, hand arc welding.

Applying to:
Aaviation, Space division, Petrochemical, heat exchanger, aluminum furniture, bike light.

Performance and feathers:

1. The products come with clear and concise operation panel;

2. Welding parameters can be precisely pre-set;

3. AC frequency, the cleaning area can be set independently, to meet the various aluminum welding demand;

4. Pilot arc is easy to operate and the arc is stable;

5. Argon arc welding machine is equipped with the water-lackingguarding protection;

6. The product is equipped with remote-control;

7. While using TIG, weld penetration, width and wave number could be gained through the adjustment of pulse current, pulse frequency, duty cycle, AC current, AC frequency, percentage of cleaning area. Prolong the product's life. It is specially applied to auto&robo welding.

 We are in the essen welding  exihibiton

Technical parameters    
Model WSME-315 WSME-500
Rated input voltage / frequency Three-phase380v(+/-)10% 50Hz Three-phase380v(+/-)10% 50Hz
Rated input capacity(KVA) 12.1 25.7
Rated input current(A) 18.5 39
Rated duty cycle(%) 60 60
Output no-load voltage(V) 74 79
Output current range(A) 5~315 20~500
Arc starting current(A) 10~160 20~160
Peak current(A) 5~315 20~500
Arc stopping current(A) 5~315 20~500
Time of current-increasing(S) 0.1~10 0.1~10
Time of current-decreasing(S) 0.1~15 0.1~15
Pre-flow time(S) 0.1~15 0.1~15
Lagging time of gas-stopping(S) 0.1~60 0.1~60
Pulse frequency(Hz) 0.2~20 0.2~20
Pulse duty(%) 1~100% 1~100%
AC frequency(Hz) 20~200 20~100
Adjustment of cleaning area(%) -40~40 -40~40
Pulse frequency(Hz) 0.2~20 0.2~20
Working style of arc stopping current 1~100% 1~100%
TIG pilot arc style HF arc HF arc
Thrust current(A) 5-315 5-500
Shell protection grade 1P21S 1P21S
Insulation grade H H




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