Welding machine secondary line

- Dec 06, 2017 -

The secondary line of electric welding machine is frequent, because the secondary voltage is low (the no-load voltage is generally 50-90v).People to get an electric shock the cause of insufficient understanding, often make the mistake of thinking that the welder secondary line is "safe", lead to the second line of deadly accident case are common: a shipyard has a young female welders, is the cabin for welding, and ventilation is not good, because of high temperature within the cabin body sweating a lot, wet denim overalls and leather gloves.The welding tongs were touched when the electrode was replaced, and the welding tongs failed to get rid of the neck, resulting in the shock. After the accident, the accident occurred and died.The accident tells us that the electric welding machine is low enough to be fatal.

The load voltage of the welder is generally about 50V- 90V, while the highest level of safety voltage is 42V, and the no-load voltage is higher than the safety voltage, which is the main non-safety factor of the secondary line.In addition, after the general welding arc ignition, the work required to sustain arc voltage 16V - 35V, although within the scope of the safety voltage, but the bad welding environment such as in the metal structure, metal container, pipe, or underwater welding, moist place, if the welder's physical condition is bad, the body resistance is low, also can cause electric shock, safety voltage is not absolutely safe.

In fact, if the electric welding machine is discussed from a broader range, the damage to the human body can be varied.Welding process of the human body and the second line contact, current ACTS on the human body, the part in contact will cause burns, electric current stamp or due to central nervous reflex and strong muscle contraction tissue mechanical damage such as fracture, fracture;During the welding process, electric arc is produced. In the case of protection of the operator, the electric light can be caused or the metal particles can infiltrate into the skin and cause the skin to be metallized.In addition, there are more severe shocks.

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