Welder is widely used

- Jan 03, 2018 -

 Welder is widely used.It is an indispensable tool for large shipbuilding enterprises, industrial and mining enterprises and various construction enterprise welding machines.Electric welding machine is used for welding materials, when use is charged, especially some small construction units to save money to buy cheap electric welding machine, used in the construction site of the bad environment very easily lead to get an electric shock, fire, sealing off phenomenon, endangering the personal safety and property safety.Poor welding quality can also result in "bean curd" engineering.So when choosing a welder, you should pay attention to the following requirements:

  1. Electrical welder operation procedure

(1) welding (gas cutting, gas welding) work, must undergo physical examination, professional training, certificate of the post.Before work should wear protective supplies, good seriously check the safety and reliability of electricity, gas welding equipment, tools, for pressure container, airtight container, pipe, during operation, check in advance, the poisonous and harmful, inflammable, explosive to wash clean.In the container, the welding of the two person rotation, one person outside monitoring.The lighting voltage should be less than 36 volts.

(2) strict implementation."Three-level fire prevention and approval system".The welding site is forbidden to store inflammable and explosive goods, according to the designation of fire fighting equipment, ensure sufficient lighting and good ventilation, strictly implement the "welder's 10 non-welding" delimitation.

(3) the outer shell of the welder should be effectively grounded, grounding or zero, and the work loop shall not be attached to flammable and explosive items, and shall not be connected to piping and machine tools.Work back into the line, the power switch should be good insulation, handles, the insulation of the electrode holder wants firm, electric welding machine to special custody, maintenance, block the power when not in use, put orderly, the wire disc placed in dry area, must not be placed in the open air, in the rain storm, prevent the temperature rise, be affected with damp be affected with damp.

(4) oxygen cylinders and acetylene bottles should be properly stowed away. There is no fire work, fire and smoke in the vicinity, and no electric welding wires or electric wires are allowed to pass through the cylinders.Avoid frequent moves.It is forbidden to mix the gas with combustible gas and not contact with copper, silver, mercury and its products.In use, it is strictly forbidden to exhaust the remaining air in the bottle. The pressure should be left with 1:1.5.

(5) on each oxygen and acetylene pressure reducer only after the cutting device, cutting before should check whether there is any leakage on cylinder valves and piping fluid pipe joint, tip and cut chew for congestion, gas path was clear, all can normal ignition operation.Igniter shall be ignited by a small amount of acetylene in the first place, and the torch shall be set on fire with a special lighter.

(6) each tempering preventive device only promised to meet a welding or cutting device, met tempering in the welding process should be closed immediately hange acetylene on regulating valve, then close valves to regulate the oxygen, oxygen valve to open again later blew the keypad.

(7) it is strictly forbidden to open the oxygen and acetylene valves at the same time, or jam the welding nozzle with hands and objects to prevent the oxygen from pouring into the acetylene generator.

(8) strict inspection and clearance of all fires after work, sealing off all valve doors and blocking power supply.In the purchase of electric welding machine products, we should go to the regular production enterprises or large shopping malls to choose and choose, and the market has the high brand name and excellent products.Do not want to buy cheap to small stores to buy, there is no guarantee of the quality of the welder.When the choose and buy, check the products on the nameplate for produce manufacturer to produce the name, address, specifications and welding current adjusting range, load rate and input voltage current and some other content, then make sure you want to buy according to the work requirements of welding machine.

2.Point welder operation procedure
(1) check the equipment in good condition before work.The water source, power supply and grounding line must be in normal condition and meet the process requirements. 
(2) the operator must wear gloves. 
(3) the operator should operate on the insulated wooden platform. The welding machine is in operation, and the cooling water valve must be opened first to prevent the welding machine from burning out.(4) wear protective glasses when operating, and the operator must focus on the direction of spark splash in case of burning eyes.(5) it is strictly forbidden to use the electrode headers. 
(6) flammable and explosive items are not allowed in the work area. 
(7) the workpiece must be secured, the workpiece should be stowed neatly, not piled too high, and should have a passageway. 
(8) after work, the power supply and water source should be closed. 
When buying, you can ask the dealer to provide the product quality maintenance lecture or certificate.Because the welder product is the national compulsory certification products, it is necessary to confirm whether the product has passed the "3C" certification.

Be sure to check if the product has grounding screw, and the grounding screw connection should be unpainted or grounded.Whether the machine core is clean and insulation is damaged to ensure the use of safety and can be detected when necessary.

3.The manual arc welder operation procedure

(1) should grasp general electric knowledge, comply with the welder general safety rules, and should also know fire extinguishing technology, electric shock and artificial respiration method.

(2) check the power line of the welding machine before work, and whether the wiring and the wiring points are good: the road of the circuit should be knocked down or installed to protect the cover;The secondary circuit and the shell of the welder must be well grounded;The clamps for welding rods must be insulated well.

(3) when working in wet areas, it is not allowed to do outdoor welding. When working in a wet area, you should stand in a place where there is insulation and wear good insulating shoes.

(4) the mobile electric welding machine shall be carried out by the electrician from the power network or the breaking line and grounding.

(5) turn on the power switch and then turn on the welder.When rest, must turn the electric welding machine first, can pull the power switch.

(6) the position of mobile welding machine must be shut down before the power is off.The welding machine should be turned off immediately.(7) when welding in places where there are many people, it should be installed with a shield.Remind nearby employees not to look straight at the arc when there is no occlusion.

(8) the gloves should be worn when the welding rod is changed. The body should not lean against the iron plate or any other conducting object.You should wear protective glasses when you knock.

(9) when the non-ferrous metal parts are welded, it should be strengthened to detoxify the air and use the filter gas mask when necessary.

(10) complete the sealing welder and block the power supply.Before buying can electrify inspect on the front panel switch operation, conversion and installation, destroy the light of the indicator, fan is normal, the power supply department to see if there is abnormal vibration and hum, whether there is peculiar smell, whether has the fever phenomenon, such as color change on appearance in order to assure the quality of the welding machine, fully exert the function of the electric welding machine.If you want to buy gas shielded welding machine, also check before buying fittings is complete, the wire feeding machine oil, rolling whether smooth, connecting cable match exterior insulation whether have damage, to ensure that arc not disorderly.

4.Manual welding (cut) work procedures

 (1) strictly abide by the general welding safety operation procedures and related rubber hose, oxygen cylinder, acetylene bottles of the safe use of rules and welding (cut) with safety operation procedures.

(2) when working before or after work, all equipment must be checked.Acetylene cylinder, oxygen tanks and rubber hose connectors, fasteners valve should be tighten, no looseness, breakage and leakage phenomenon, oxygen tanks and their accessories, rubber hose, tools can not defiled with grease dirt.

(3) check equipment, accessories and pipeline leakage, and only use soapy water test.There is no bright fire in the vicinity and no smoking in the vicinity.Do not leak air with fire test.

(4) the gap between the oxygen cylinder, the acetylene bottle and the open flame should be more than 10 meters.If the precondition is limited, no less than 5 meters, and should take quarantine measures.

(5) it is forbidden to open oxygen or acetylene valves with tools that are easy to produce sparks.

(6) when the equipment pipeline is frozen, it is strictly forbidden to use fire to bake or use tools to knock out frozen blocks.The oxygen valve or piping to melt with 40 ℃ warm water;Tempering preventer and pipe can be defrosted by hot sand and steam.

(7) the welding site should be equipped with corresponding fire-fighting equipment, and the outdoor work should prevent the sunlight from directly shooting on the oxygen cylinder or the acetylene bottle.

(8) after working or leaving the job site, unscrew the safety cap of the cylinder and clean up the scene, and place the oxygen and acetylene bottles at the designated place.The pressure should be unloaded immediately.

(9) pressure vessels and pressure gauges and safety valves shall be sent to check and test according to the delimitation period.Check and adjust the pressure components and safety accessories to remove the residual gas.

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