Using method of welder

- Dec 14, 2017 -

There are many kinds of welder, in general, resistance welding, electroslag welding, automatic welding,...There are a lot of kinds, the most basic is to protect the eyes, hands and feet, generally does not serious injury, unless welding spark off burns himself into the clothes and have to protect good eye, electro-optic ophthalmia in construction industry is very common, also very pain, and in accordance with the constitution of each person is different, some people may have to repeat, the influence is healthy is very serious, welders belongs to a special type of work, is generally regular state-owned enterprise organization special crafts check-up every year, check the occurrence of occupational disease, if it is found that serious occupational disease to mobilize to leave, the other is should pay attention to the protection of the respiratory system, the general working hours longer welders will have respiratory system disease, after all welding process produces a lot of harmful gas, to pay more attention to, but in practice operation process have no way to do good respiratory protection, this is about to himself over his diet and regular check, can also insist on wearing a good mask, had better have pure and fresh and disinfection functions, ordinary mask sure it's not a role.

Also watch you haven't got a labor protection knowledge and operating electric welding machine, I am very surprised, also very nervous, we have long national construction industry rules and regulations, special public must be trained to get the special operation certificate, you haven't labor insurance knowledge, certainly didn't also trained, certainly does not have enough qualifications, so in the construction is very dangerous, very dangerous, your health or secondary, you construction engineering quality is likely to be involved in every family's safety.
Safe operation flow and usage of welder:
1. Before the welding machine operation, remove grease from the upper and lower electrodes.After power supply, the body shell should be free of leakage.
2. Before the electric welding machine is started, the switch of the control circuit and the small switch of the welding current should be switched on, and the pole number can be adjusted, and the water source and gas source will be connected to the power source.
3. After the electric welding machine is energized, check the electrical equipment, operating mechanism, cooling system, air circuit system and the shell of the body without leakage.The electrode contact should be kept clean.Replace when there is leakage.
4. When the welding machine is operating, the air and water cooling system should be unblocked.The gas should be kept dry.Drainage shall not exceed 40 ℃ temperature, displacement can be adjusted according to the temperature.
5. It is strictly forbidden to enlarge the fuse in the ignition circuit.The ignition circuit of the control box must not be closed when the load is too small to cause the arc in the ignition to occur.
6. When the control box is long discontinued, the electric welding machine should be heated for 30min each month.The preheating time of the control box for normal work shall not be less than 5min.

7. The welding operator and operator must wear labor protective equipment according to the regulations.The safety measures must be taken to prevent accidents such as electric shock, falling, gas poisoning and fire.
8. The welding machine is used at the site of the welding machine. It should be equipped with a waterproof, moisture-proof and sun-resistant hangar and should be equipped with corresponding fire-fighting equipment.
9. When welding or cutting the welding machine at high altitude, the safety belt must be fastened. Fire prevention measures should be taken in the surrounding area and below, and should be supervised by the special person.
10. Safe use of electric welding machine, when the weld slag is removed, protective glasses should be worn and the head should avoid the spatter direction of the welding slag.
11. The welding machine must be used safely.Weather can not be soldered in the open air.During operation in the wet area, the operator should stand in a place with the insulation and should wear insulating shoes.

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