Trading Dn - 10-16-25 Spot Welding Machine

- Jul 24, 2017 -

Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Model NO.:DN - 10-16-25 spot welding machine

  • Type:JARILA

  • Current:Alternating Current

  • Application:Steel Wire

  • Trademark:JARILA

Product Description

DN - 10-16-25 spot welding machine
I,Technical parameters:

Model \ parameterDN-10DN-16DN-25
The power supply voltage380V380V380V
Rated power10KVA16KVA25KVA
The primary current26.3A42.1A66A
Secondary voltage1.65-2.4V1.98-3.0V2.25-3.58V
Adjust the series777
Welding time to adjust0-9.99S0-9.99S0-9.99S
The electrode arm length260MM280MM300MM
The thickness of the welding0.2+0.2-1.5+1.5mm0.2+0.2-2.5+2.5mm0.2+0.2-3+3mm

DN series spot welder is widely used in industrial production of high school low carbon steel plate, wire rod, stainless steel plate, welding materials such as non-ferrous metal plate.
III  Performance characteristics:
1, the pressure transmission lever-petal type spring-pressuring structure, easy to use, simple operation, easy maintenance.
2, the main transformer is made of high quality cold-rolled steel core, less power loss and small idle current.
3, the overall use plank box structure, appearance and generous.
4, welding machine, the main circuit adopts thyristor contactless switch circuit, quick and reliable close time, accurate timing of welding, the welding of high precision, good repeatability, which can realize high quality welding.
5, drainage systems, cooling electrode jaw, continuous operation welder jaw injury.
IV Welding range: 0.2 + 0.2-——3 + 3 mm

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