Safety operating procedures for welder

- Dec 02, 2017 -

1.The welding operator must be trained and assessed and have the knowledge and technical ability of the welder to perform the welding operation. 
2.Welding work personnel Insulating gloves should be worn by the regulation, wear insulated shoes, goggles or face mask, high-altitude dangerous job, must hang your seat belt, and around the weldment below there fire prevention measures should be taken and guardianship.Check the solder before welding and the insulation is good, and the power is off after welding.

3.The welder shall be placed in a dry and ventilated place, and the lower part of the welder shall be damp and above the surrounding ground when used in the open air;Above should be protected from rain or by setting up rain shelters.
4.During welding, welding and coordination personnel must take the safety measures to prevent electric shock, high altitude fall, gas poisoning and fire accidents.
5.In case of rain or typhoon or more powerful wind, it should stop the outdoor welding operation when the construction safety is affected.After the rain should clear the place of operation after water, before the welding.
6.The welding location shall be not less than 10 meters away from the flammable and explosive items, and shall be set up when necessary.

7.Welding with pressure, charged and costumes are inflammable, explosive, toxic substances of the vessel or pipe and welding with inflammable and explosive dangerous substances around, should take the necessary security measures shall be welded.
8.Welding with pressure, charged and costumes have containers of flammable, explosive, toxic substances or pipelines and solder joints around inflammable and explosive dangerous substances, should take the necessary security measures shall be welded.
9. It is strictly forbidden to weld and cut the pressure piping, containers and loading components of inflammable and explosive material in operation.

10.Welder in metal container, narrow, the place such as wet or to welding of copper, aluminum, zinc, tin, lead and other non-ferrous metal, must be well ventilated, or respiratory filter welding personnel should wear a mask, and monitoring personnel.
11.Lighting shall be sufficient for night work or in the dark and shall not be higher than 12V in the container.
12.All metal shells of the welder must be protected to ground or zero.Grounding wire and hand thread shall not be used on inflammable, explosive and heat source items. Grounding and zero resistance shall be less than 4 ohms.

13.When the welding metal equipment, the container itself has grounding and zero protection, the secondary windings of the welder are forbidden to be grounded or connected
14.Multiple welder grounding and connecting line shall not connect to the grounding body. Each welder shall have an independent grounding and zero line, and its contact application screws shall be tightened.
15.Each welding machine shall be dedicated circuit breakers, and match the welder over-current protection device, a wire connected to the power supply contact is unfavorable use bolt, its length is more than 3.5 meters, and must be double insulation.

16.There should be a protective cover for the welding machine and the secondary terminal, and the wire end shall be tightly packed with insulated tape. The secondary wire should be securely connected with the wire card.
17.Fire extinguishing equipment must be used in the welding operation. After the welding is completed, sufficient time shall be left to observe and confirm that no ignition point will be allowed to leave.

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