Requirements for standardization of safety quality of mechanical manufacturing enterprises

- Dec 21, 2017 -

The welding machine has no longer than 3m length of the power cord and must not be used on the ground or across the channel.The welding machine must adopt three core (four core) uranium core rubber wire or insulated multi-ply soft copper wire, and its connection length shall not exceed 3m.If is really necessary to use longer wires, should increase the level of power control within welder side 3 m, and the power cord overhead laying, a welding line shall not be used in the drag and drop on the ground, more may not be used in the ground across the channel.The welding machine should meet the safety standard of the temporary line.A lot of electrical equipment have enclosure grounding protection, its role is to prevent the leakage of the case, the staff get an electric shock, and the earth wire of electric welding machine is working circuit loop, if it together, when really happen under the condition of the leakage will increase more workers to get an electric shock.Domestic load because of the unbalanced three-phase load, a small voltage zero may exist, are not necessarily the ground received a zero on the line, for the sake of safety, prevent the zero line break line, zero line adopts several grounding method are installed.What you are talking about is the grounding of the welder, the protective grounding of the welder's casing, of course, to prevent the electric welder from being electrocuted.
2. To ground the welder, you should not be difficult to hit the earth bar yourself.If the soil around your home is relatively wet, you can make a 300-500mm steel drill in a green field.Of course, the existing grounding terminals of the building are best connected to the ground wire.

3. It is true that there are things that have been welded to the safety specification. This is to prevent the welding power from being accidentally caused by the failure of the power supply due to the unexpected failure.If you have electric welding gloves, wear insulating shoes, or cover with insulating rubber or stand on dry wood, you will also avoid electric shock.Most people really don't have your welding ground, that's because a relatively small chance of getting an electric shock, can only say that did not happen, happened at a time of trouble, not afraid of ten thousand, one thousand, is this meaning.
Electric welding machine also has a dedicated switch box, a line is not more than 5 meters, electric welding machine mainly is to prevent the timely once what happens can be easily shut off the power switch, main is to prevent the secondary line is not more than 30 meters holder line is too long, midway breakage, operators and not in the line of sight, once appear, problem such as fire, step voltage electric shock, short circuit and so on, have expanded.

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