Portable Arc Welding Machine

- Aug 21, 2017 -

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: IGBT-150A

  • Type: ARC Welders

  • Style: Portable

  • Current: Inverter Current

Product Description

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Aluminum welding machine;
[Performance characteristics]
1.Control Panel superior design
2.Digital display, welding current is adjustable precision 1A
3.Arc current can be individually adjusted, has excellent arc start performance
4.Thrust current can be adjusted
5.With a variety of security features
6.Temperature protection, overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, phase loss indication function
7.Welder key components of the design of the "three"
8.Small size, light weight, suitable for mobile operation

[Features and applications]

Raise the frequency from 50/60Hz to high frequency .E.G.50kHz.After reducing the voltage and rectifying,output powerful DC with the technology of PWM.The weight and size of the main transformer decrease dramatically but the efficieny will rise by over 30%.
1.With the function of auto-compensation against power fluctuation.And the output welding current will be stable;
2.Having the function of auto-protecting against over-voltage and over current;
3.Having powerful arc-force;
4.Reliable quality with small dimension and weight as well as high efficiency;
5.Able to weld basic and acid electrodes;Applicable to low carbon steel,mediem carton steel and alloy steel.

[Technical parameters]

Portable MMA welding machine

Ratedinput voltage / frequency
Three-phase 220/380V±15% 50/60Hz
Ratedinput capacity(kVA)
Rated input current (A)
Output voltage (V)
Rated duty cycle (%)
No-load voltage(V)
Output current range (A)
Power Factor
Shell protection grade
Insulation class
Overall foot LxWxH (mm)
Weight (Kg)

[ Main market ]

Europe, South America , Southeast Asia, MID East ,North America.


With welding torch,earth clamp,electrode holder,mask,brush.




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