Knowledge of Welding machine

- Dec 01, 2017 -

  1. In order to secure and extend the service life of the welder,when should the current be regulated?

It's better to have a power cut,followed by a no-load,not to adjust the current in the welding.

Attention must be paid to the welding machine:at work,the welder must be used in accordance with the corresponding load renewal rate.The welding machine should be kept clean and prolong the life of the welding machine.

Ac welder,which is a special transformer,belongs to the inductive circuit.Therefore,the no-load power failure can extend the service life and save resources of the welding machine.

2.In the case of electric welding machine and normal use,which parts need to be changed frequently?

General manual welding,the vulnerable parts mainly include welding,ground wire clamp,welding wire,grounding wire,welding handle,power plug and so on;

Gas shielded welding and submerged arc welding is more,there are wire feeding wheel,guide tube,welding torch,spear pipe bending,conductive mouth,conductive,nozzle,insulators,welding torch switch,welding torch,wire reel shaft socket,control cable,etc.

3.The electric welding machine works with low voltage and high current.It is said that the current is in the unit of A,and the anti-electric capacity of human body is ma class?

Formula:current(I)=voltage(V)/resistance(R):For example,the secondary voltage of your welder is 36V,a piece of iron,from the ground wire to the solder resistance(R)=10Ω。I=V/R:36V/10Ω=3.6A;the voltage is 36V and the current of 3.6A is melting the plate.

And the normal person's resistance about 6000000Ω.I=V/R:36V/6000000Ω=0.000006A;36V and 0.000006A,come into contact with the people don't respond,if the weather is wet,underground water resistance is small,the man is a shock hazard,do you know the resistance moment to get an electric shock,this is not very understand,sometimes people sweat also get an electric shock,but won't appear dangerous life,because this is the induction,if left hand touch the electrode holder,right foot to the welder(ground) back to the route,as long as no sweat,no damp,also won't appear dangerous life,but don't do it no matter,if electric welding machine leakage,is a big problem.

4.How the welder works

The welding machine is a special transformer,and the difference is that the voltage drop is small when the transformer is connected to the load,and the voltage drops when the welding machine is connected.This is achieved by mediating the inductance of the flux and the series inductance.

The working principle of ordinary welder is similar to transformer.It is a step-down transformer.The two ends of the secondary coil are welder and electrode,Ignition arc is used to weld the seam of the workpiece and the welding rod in the high temperature of the arc.

The electric welding transformer has its own characteristic,which is the characteristic that has the voltage drop sharply.Voltage drop after welding electrode is ignited;The voltage also drops sharply when the electrode is bonded to a short circuit.The reason for this phenomenon is the core characteristics of the welding transformer.

The regulation of the working voltage of electric welding machine,in addition to a 220/380V voltage transformation,secondary coil also have tap changing voltage,as well as with the iron core is to adjust the adjustable core into more,shunt magnetic circuit,to enter,the more the lower the welding voltage.

Although the circuit is closed,it is precisely because the circuit is closed that the circuit and current are equivalent throughout the closed circuit;But the resistance is different everywhere,especially in the non-stationary contact,which is called the contact resistance in physics.According to the heating effect of the current law(also called bajaur law),the electric current is equal,the greater the resistance of the parts of the higher heating,electric welding in the welding electrode contact also be taken of the contact resistance of the metal body contact,the largest is the natural is the most,the part of the brain that produce electric welding rod and low melting point alloy,natural is easy to melt after melting alloy core wire on the welding object with us after cooling,the welding object is bonded into a piece.

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