Introduction to electric welding technology

- Dec 12, 2017 -

Electric welding is widely used, and it is needed in all walks of life.Electric welding is a technology that is easy to learn, but it is necessary to use it to see the individual's comprehension ability, and to study the theory and practice. 

Electric welding is actually the classification of welding, the same kind of gas cutting.Common electric welding is argon arc welding, gas welding and so on.

Sometimes there will be small cracks in the weld seam. 

The reasons for the fracture may be multifaceted and can be found from the following aspects:
1. What kind of material is the material, and the matching welding material should be selected accordingly;2. According to the material and the joint form, select the proper welding construction standard. When necessary, the welding construction process parameters should be determined through the test, and the temperature of the control layer should be paid attention to when multi-channel welding.3. According to experience, two pieces of such thick welding should be preheated before welding.
The reasons and solutions for cracks in the steel tube after welding

Causes of cracks:
1. Weld shrinkage stress is too large, easy to produce slow cracks. 
2. The welding seam is not uniform, it is easy to be brittle. 
3. The welding method and sequence are unreasonable. 
4. Temperature control between floors is not good. 

Prevention measures:
1. First, choose reasonable welding sequence and use symmetrical welding. 
2. Multilayer multi-channel welding shall be used to carefully process the welding slag and the oxide skin of the welding seam to prevent the stolen goods from forming defects in the next seam. 
3. Adjust the cooling rate, and the faster the cooling, the bigger the deformation.The tendency of crystallization crack is also greater. 
4. Remove residual stresses after welding.

How can welding be done without welding?Always weld iron the one big edge not good-looking still not solid, what is the matter? 
First of all you have to know the principle of welding. Say simple point. As long as you hold good molten pool can. Molten pool is. The red circle on the head. Which is where it. There are not strong enough. You said you didn't say much thick plate welding. The simple method is 30 degrees play groove diagonal dull edge. On the base of can leave the gap across backing welding rod can.
The arc of electric welding is very strong, can make a person brief insomnia.Hand in hand with the door mirror (the mask).Have a look at...It can be seen that the molten iron has a lot of help to learn electric welding, and can learn more quickly. 

What is welding?Welding is to use electric welding, gas welding, argon arc and so on to heat the parent material to a certain temperature, and then add the wire or uncored wire to fuse two female materials together. 

How to learn welding technology well? 
If starting from the beginning, the basic theory of electric welding technology is understood through network and book.Have certain basis to seek after exercise, can go to the relevant private stores, factory workshop for free or low return apprentice helper, understanding related technician, during the last choose a tech as a mentor.To find a good mentor, stick to the practice, start to use the consultation method to solve the puzzle, gradually evolve into a discussion, finally, you can also be a teacher.

How does primary electric welding start? 
The beginner to learn first welding is flat, in the article actually flat welding is the welding operation is one of the most simple introduction to the most basic foundation The second is drought, drought, electric welding is not actually difficult to learn On the practice theory basic to use not only in textual research is needed to learn welding I think the most important thing is to practice, and lots of practice, but I believe that no matter what you learn, as long as the heart,you soon learn!

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