Dc welder

- Jan 07, 2018 -

The welding machine is used to melt the solder and the solder material on the welding electrode with the high temperature arc produced by the instantaneous short circuit of the positive and negative poles to achieve the purpose of combining them.The structure is very simple, which is a large power transformer, the electric welding machine generally can be divided into two kinds, one is the ac power supply;One is direct current.Is made by using the principle of inductance, inductance in the on and off will produce a great voltage change, using positive and negative poles in instantaneous short circuit when the high pressure arc to melt the solder on the electrode, to achieve the purpose of make them combine.

The difference between dc welder and ac welder

All are welded by short circuit arc, but dc welding is more stable and used for high requirements:
1.The current output of a dc welder is not "over zero". It is not easy to break the arc, and the arc is stable, which is its greatest advantage.
2.The secondary voltage peak of transformer is certain, the dc electric welding machine is higher than the ac welder's no-load voltage, it is easier to draw the arc.
3. The dc welder is more than the ac welder, and the cost is a little higher.
4. High power ac welder can be easily caused by using only two phase power.The three phase power supply is unbalanced, and the high power dc welder has three phase rectifier without this problem.
5. Welding rod is not related to welding machine.

Welding machine advantages: welding machine use of electrical energy, electric energy instantly converted into heat energy, electricity is very common, electric welding machine is suitable for work in a dry environment, do not need too many requirements, due to the small size, simple operation, easy to use, fast, after welding seam strong advantages, such as widely used in various fields, especially for demanding high strength parts, practical, can instantly to the same metal materials (also can connect the dissimilar metals, just different welding method) permanent connections, weld after heat treatment, and the parent metal the same strength, sealing is good, this to the storage of gas and liquid container manufacturing solved the problem of the sealing and strength.Product use: widely used in various industries, including railway, communication, ship, engineering machinery, railway locomotive, agriculture, fire fighting, chemical industry, food and other fields.

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