Buy common sense of electric welding machine

- Dec 07, 2017 -

Welder is widely used.No matter large shipbuilding enterprises, mining enterprises and various construction enterprise electric welding machines are indispensable tools.Electric welding machine is used for welding materials, when use is charged, especially some small construction units to save cost to purchase cheap electric welding machine, used in the construction site of the bad environment is easy to cause electric shock, fire, sealing off phenomenon, endangering the personal safety and property safety.Because welding quality is not good also can produce "bean curd" project.

So when choosing the welding machine, please pay attention to the following requirements:
1.When choosing electric welding machine product, want to go to formal production enterprise or big department store to choose, and want to choose the brand that the market share is high brand excellent product.Do not want to buy cheap to small stores to buy, there is no guarantee of the quality of the welder.   
2.When the choose and buy, check the nameplate on the product for the manufacturer's name, address, production specifications and welding current adjusting range, load rate and input voltage current and some other content, then make sure you want to buy according to the work requirements of welding machine.   
3.The dealer may require the distributor to provide the product quality inspection report or certificate.Because the welder product is the national compulsory certification products, it is necessary to confirm whether the product has passed the "3C" certification.You can also search the Internet.

4.Be sure to check if the product has a grounding screw, and the grounding screw connection should be unpainted or grounded.Whether the machine core is clean and insulation is damaged to ensure the use of safety and can be detected when necessary.   
5.Before buying can electrify inspect on the front panel switch operation, conversion and installation conditions, the power indicator light, fan is normal, the power supply section to see if there is abnormal vibration and hum, whether there is peculiar smell, whether has the fever phenomenon, such as color change on appearance in order to assure the quality of the welding machine, give full play to the performance of welding machine.   
6.If you want to buy gas shielded welding machine, also check before buying fittings is complete, the wire feeding machine oil, whether smooth, connecting cable match exterior insulation whether have damage, to ensure the stability of the arc.

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